Among the ten projects listed in the Future Lab “Projects Catalogue”, one of those considered most important in various ways was logically also the first to be realized: the New Generation Tourism Commission (NGTC). This is a special commission of young people under 35 from the Dolomiti Paganella holiday destination and effectively the first concrete step of “Future Lab 2.0”, which is the second phase of the participatory project, “Dolomiti Paganella Future Lab”, initiated on 29 October last year (2021). This special commission will have various tasks but the most interesting aspect is how it will play a fundamental role in the decision making process that will come to characterize the Dolomiti Paganella resort from this time onwards over the coming years. The initiative will enable the young people of the NGTC to play a leading role in the future of our resort, taking part with the main stakeholders in two preparatory work sessions that will be fundamental for the entire “Future Lab 2.0” project. The first, coordinated by the Terra Institute, has the aim of helping to define and realize the other Future Lab “Project Catalogue” initiatives. The second, coordinated by the Danish consultancy company Frame & Work, is focused on developing a new communication model for our mountain resort. The NGTC therefore brings together a very varied and highly strategic set of skills for application in the possible futures of our area. The decision to initiate “Future Lab 2.0” starting from a project developed with and for young people was no accident. They are the real protagonists of our future, but, as emerged from community surveys over the first two years of Future Lab, they remain poorly integrated into the local business fabric, and are often not directly involved. The New Generation Tourism Commission project intends to provide an effective remedy to this situation. The NGTC team includes ten young members: Beatrice Bottamedi (Hotel Serena – Andalo); Chiara Zeni (Green Paganella – Cavedago); Diana Bazzanella (Green Paganella – Andalo); Elia Giovannini (Rifugio La Roda – Andalo); Filippo Frizzera (Libero professionista – Andalo); Ilenia Romeri (Paganella Bike Academy – Andalo); Maria Elena Positello (Rifugio Alpenrose – San Lorenzo Dorsino); Martina Kerschbaumer (Accompagnatrice di media montagna – Spormaggiore); Renato Nerini (BuyTrentino – Andalo); Sebastiano Dalfovo (Residence Millemontagne – Andalo).