Project Description

Dolomiti Paganella Flexible Mobility

Less cars more freedom

The Challenge Before Us

The impact of a multitude of motor vehicles in our area goes beyond just environmental pollution. Most of our tourists live in urban areas where traffic is synonymous with constant noise, time wasting, and physical danger. However, most of them would also be unwilling to renounce the absolute freedom of movement provided by cars.
We therefore need to find a new and sustainable form of transport in our area that is as flexible and convenient as possible. At the same time we aim to reduce the isolation and limited mobility experienced by our community, especially during the low seasons.

What We Will Do

We will develop an innovative new mobility system for residents and tourists. Visitors will be encouraged, through suggestion and incentives, to leave their cars in the accommodation garages in order to enjoy a holiday resort without traffic.
This proposal is not based only on shared sustainability, but also provides added value in terms of convenience, wellness, and green incentives and bonuses.
We will develop an App that enables every member of the community to offer and find “lifts” between the various centres of our resort, or to the city of Trento.


A marked reduction in motor traffic will improve the quality of the tourist experience, bringing it into line with our positioning objectives. Reducing perceived geographic distances and overcoming transport limitations will make our area more accessible and more united.