The Future Lab 2.0 schedule is proceeding according to plan. After setting up the New Generation Tourism Commission (a special commission of local young people under 35, called upon to collaborate with stakeholders and financial operators and play a fundamental role in the design of forthcoming actions), the second initiative in the “Project Catalogue” of Dolomiti Paganella Future Lab was recently launched. This is “New Destination Narrative 2022”, which envisages a different way of describing our tourist resort. The project aims and operational plan were  explained to stakeholders and financial operators last June during a meeting held in the new conference room at Plan dei Sarnacli.

The President and Director of the Apt, Michele Viola and Luca D’Angelo, explained how these operators will play an active role in the project, the execution of which will be managed by our Danish consultant and expert in communications, Emil Spangerberg, who after two years has become a reference point for the Future Lab team of international experts, which also includes the TSM and Terra Institute. Speaking together with Luca D’Angelo, Emil explained in person to the participants how the “Values Charter” and the observations that emerged over the first two years of Future Lab would be applied to change the storytelling strategy of our resort. This will be radically transformed, shifting from a so-called narrative of attraction, towards communication focused on the values of the local area.

The project aims to achieve some general and extremely important objectives, including the implementation of a coherent communication narrative shared by all the figures that participate in different ways in storytelling our destination. This means highlighting local values to establish meaningful new relationships with equally new guests, and characterizing the local area as an ideal place to visit and even more so to live. The aims will be achieved through significant efforts to rebrand the location, establishing the basis for a substantial change in communication perspective and the target audience for the same.

Nature, for example, will no longer be conceptualized as an ideal playground, or a backdrop for holidays and leisure activities, but as a valuable heritage for which everyone, residents and visitors alike, must act as responsible caretakers.

In the same spirit, holidays at the Dolomiti Paganella resort must become opportunities for life-changing experiences, sharing in the values that characterize the territory, and when sustainability is not just something you talk about but an experiential reality.

The new destination narrative will encourage visitors to share these values, feel part of our community, and perceive the local culture and all its individuals as an important discovery that leads them to reconsider, and possibly change, their approach to life, work, and human relations in general.