Project Description

Narrating change

Transformative destination storytelling

The Challenge Before Us

Educating for a new lifestyle first of all requires communicating effectively, beyond the conventional. We need to shift from a communication of “informing” towards a communication of “involving”. The beautiful attributes of our area necessarily makes them prerequisites. However, a more decisive role will be assigned to those experiences that can bring about the great transformation that forms the underlying logical basis for Future Lab.

What We Will Do

The principles of the Values Charter will guide the layout and contents of a new Internet website and Dolomiti Paganella social channels, as well as the communications of everyone active in our holiday resort. We will develop a collective communication strategy, highly diversified but with a cohesive vision and objectives. This will be a decisive factor for transforming the perception of Dolomiti Paganella. We will create an incentives system (e.g. using discounts) on the new portal to encourage sustainable choices during the booking process (e.g. reaching the resort without a car). All the positive achievements across the whole territory and among individual operators will be reported.


Change always involves an narrative act, and so communication can be seen as the beginning of change. We will have a major ally in this. The progressive affirmation of Dolomiti Paganella as a holiday resort where you can evolve your personal lifestyle will induce our tourists to participate ever more actively and enthusiastically, becoming genuine testimonials (not only on social media) for our local territory.