Project Description

Smart Destination Management

New Data for a new holiday destination

The Challenge Before Us

Visitor numbers and nights are inadequate parameters for measuring the operation of the holiday resort we want to become, and for the level of user satisfaction we want to provide. Our objectives for tourist sustainability in our area can only be achieved through commitment to different parameters. The aim will not be to increase income flows, but a more balanced management of internal flows across the entire territory and in all seasons

What We Will Do

The combined efforts of the Data Analysis Manager and Sustainability Manager will allow all local stakeholders to make decisions in line with observations derived from the collected data. Data regarding material and economic resources, and time consumption will be of particular significance. We will define a new performance index that will take economic and environmental impact into account, along with implications for the reputation of our holiday destination.
We will develop an intelligent platform capable of real-time monitoring of flows to tourist attractions and services, in order to enable more effective and shared management of the same, as regards both provision and utilization by visitors.


A data revolution (considering new data sets and using them in different ways) will bring about a more dynamic management of businesses by the new generations. At the same time we will reduce the problem of tourist overcrowding in specific areas and attractions. The availability of large quantities of data detailing what happens in our area (and why it happens) will enable us to define new approaches to managing this activity.