Project Description

Dolomiti Paganella Innovation Hub

An ideas laboratory

The Challenge Before Us

Dolomiti Paganella Future Lab is a driving force for the future, based on a logic and inspiring principles that must persist long after it is gone. We must develop innovations made to measure for the new generations. It is also necessary to create mechanisms that enable the implementation of innovations in our area.

What We Will Do

We will create a Dolomiti Paganella incubator that encourages the founding or local relocation of companies focused on an innovative mountain economy. The incubator will also offer co-working opportunities for local professionals. The calendar of internal incubator events will run alongside other external initiatives in a dispersed network of open-air locations across our area.


Dolomiti Paganella will become a nerve centre for projects, interactions, and experimentation focused on the changing economy and Alpine society. The Laboratory will attract companies operating in tune with the sustainable development of our area, and stimulate new generations of residents to plan a future within our local territory.