Project Description

A manager for balanced community development

A guide towards a sustainable future

The Challenge Before Us

The results of the Dolomiti Paganella Future Lab demonstrated that sustainability is certainly a desirable goal, but it is also very complicated to achieve. Our area must therefore “arm itself” with skills and organizational-managerial figures capable of dealing with the challenges that we have taken on.

What We Will Do

The APT will appoint a Sustainability Manager, who will support private and public stakeholders in our holiday resort for the realization of shared projects that establish a more balanced form of tourism for the future. The Manager will be part of the APT, but also a resource for the entire community.


As a figure the Sustainability Manager will not only make a fundamental contribution to the affirmation of more responsible principles and practices in our resort. They will also formally embody the commitment of our community to its future, and act as an ambassador for our holiday destination.