Project Description

A Circular Tourist System

A systemic response to the impact of tourism

The Challenge Before Us

The impact of the tourist sector on tangible resources is often considerable, but it also assumes a wide variety of forms. Sustainability implicitly requires a general and systemic approach: we have to work simultaneously and synergically on all the problematic environmental, social, and economic issues relevant to our area.

What We Will Do

We will create a set of guidelines and projects for the local community that implement concrete sustainable practices. We will distribute an unusually designed bottle that will encourage tourists and residents to drink tap water. A team of volunteers will collect litter in natural areas, we will create novelty gift items from waste materials, and we will implement a waste food monitoring system, donating excess food to needy social groups among the residents of Trentino.


The measures and initiatives to be adopted aim not only to reduce the physically negative aspects of tourism. There will also be “implicit” communications, inducing our tourists to move towards the ideal of a waste-free holiday resort.