After the online questionnaire addressed to all young people (16 to 35 years) of the five villages, there was finally an opportunity to meet in person and continue the conversation about the future. Forty young men and women from all five villages met at Rifugio Meriz for the New Generation Day: an afternoon dedicated to thinking, creating, and imagining new ideas for the future of our holiday destination.

The participants divided themselves into eight groups and, each starting from one of the four key issues, they tried to formulate a ‘problem statement’, a well defined problem to be resolved. In two subsequent thirty-minute work sessions they ideated possible solutions and the necessary means to achieve them.
The eight groups then presented their ideas to all the participants including a panel of judges drawn from the pool of experts who set up the Future Lab and members of the Young People’s Committee for the local community. 
The panel decided to award three groups in particular:
Gruppo Noi (Martina Rampanelli, Arianna Ghezzi, Vincent Perli, Sofia Sartori, Michele Toscana)
Gruppo Sailor Moon (Marta Mottes, Eleonora Bottamedi, Stefania Agostini)
Gruppo Dolomiti Paganella Slow (Marco Osti, Carolina Franchi, Valentina Tonidandel, Stefania Giordani, Renato Nerini)

The prize? A journey to Copenhagen (when the health situation permits), because cross-pollination of ideas generates innovation, and what better location for this than the  Danish capital, one of the main inspirations for Future Lab?