In Dolomiti Paganella we met Luca Mercalli during the first edition of the Mountain Future Festival, in August 2019. The renowned meteorologist and climatologist, using his move to Val di Susa to flee the scorching climate of the plain as an example, predicted that, due to climate change, in the coming years the mountain will see a new and increased residency, with all the opportunities and challenges that this entails.

Given the affinity of these issues with the work we are carrying out within the Future Lab, we recently sent the publication containing the intermediate results of the project, which was also delivered to all your homes in recent weeks, to Mercalli.

An interesting conversation was born, where Mercalli, talking with Director Luca D’Angelo and journalist Rosario Fichera, shares his informed point of view on the Future Lab and on the role of the mountain in the next 20/30 years, taking in consideration the current health crisis too.