The Dolomiti Paganella Future Lab will start from 4 fundamental questions to help understand the present and start tracing out a first draft of our future.

We are ready, so let’s get started. Future Lab begins on Tuesday 29 October with a launch event. The whole local community is invited to take part, including the residents of the five local councils, tourist and financial operators, and representatives from all professional levels and associations. This is because our future should be decided together, along with the role that tourism will play in our local area.

For this first step of the journey that will accompany us right through 2020, we are posing 4 questions on themes that will significantly influence the area we live in.

The answers provided by all the local community will give us our first indications of the future that we envisage before us.

We look forward to seeing you all at 20:30 at the Palacongressi di Andalo, to find out what these questions are, and to start conceiving the future of our mountain home together.